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Are People affected by Evil Spirits Cured at Sri Kshetra Ganagapur ?

Nowadays in this society we find people questioning the generally accepted faith regarding a temple. Its the same in the case of Sri Datta Kshetra Ganagapur. In such matters nothing can be said confidently. The general belief of people is that by serving Shri Datta Guru at Ganagapur one gets relieved of the problems caused by the Evil Spirits. There are thousands of people who had experienced the Fact. But this cannot be generalized as there may be people who are suffering of some mental illness but mistook it as some Bhoot or Pishacha Badha. You can find daily many people in the Temple who stay here for years together serving the Lord and getting cured of their ailments. These people visit here on their own will and stay here till there problems are solved.
          But there are many instances of affected people getting cured here and so the belief developed. Such Instances can even be seen in Shri Guru Charitra (the main grantha of Datta Sampradaya) where a women whose babies were being killed by a Bramha Pishachi (Ghost) after their birth was rescued by Shri Guru Narasimha Saraswati and in the other instance when Shri Guru Narasimha Saraswati was entering Ganagapur the Brahma Rakshasa living on a Ashwattha Tree surrendered to the Lord and got mukti (Salvation). There are also mention of such instances in Sri Datta Purana etc by Shri Vasudevananda Saraswati (Tembe Swami) Maharaj. So it may be that some spiritual energy is working in Shri Kshetra Ganagapur and the Lord here is protecting his devotees coming here with their various Problems.

Shri Gurudeva Datt !

Daily Pooja (Archane / Worship) Schedule at Sri Kshetra Ganagapur

The Pooja at Sri Kshetra Ganagapur takes place at 3 times in a Day (i.e Trikala Pooja).
Shri Guru Narasimha Saraswati Dattatreya Maharaj while proceeding to Kardali Van (Srisailam) for Avatar Samapti insisted his Disciples for offering Trikala Aarati to his Nirgun Padukas at the Math in Ganagapur and the same is followed by us till this Day and the Daily Pooja Schedule is :

Kakada Aarti and Morning Pooja (3am - 7am) :

The Day at the Temple starts with the Loud Ringing of the Bell at Sharp 3am by the Pujaris (Archakas) of the Temple. We (Priests) then open the Door of the Inner Temple and start the Daily Schedule by Performing Kakada Aarti to Lord Datta and Chintamani Ganapati. During the Aarti large drums in the Drum house (Nagarkhana) are Drummed loudly. This is Known as Chaughada (Holy Drumming Ritual).
Devotees are allowed for the Darshana right from Kakada Aarti only. The Pooja (Worship) continues till 7am when the Final Aarti is done to the Lord and again there will be Choughada indicating that the Morning Pooja had been Completed.
After this the pilgrims are allowed for the Pooja till 12pm.

Afternoon Pooja and Maha Naivedya (12pm - 1pm) :

The Maha Naivedya (Offering Food) to Lord Datta in Shri Kshetra Ganagapur takes place at 12pm. The Naivedya is prepared at the Houses of the Archakas(Pujaris) and is brought to the Temple at around 12pm. The Pooja and Naivedya takes place for an hour. The Choughada takes place after the Shankha Vadya (Blowing of Conch) and the Madhukari (Offering of Alms) starts.
As it is believed in Ganagapur that Lord Datta himself takes alms here at afternoon, the people visiting Ganagapur must offer alms to some people and accept alms from atleast 5 houses.
After the Maha Naivedya pilgrims are again allowed for pooja for an hour.

Evening Pooja and Pallakhi Seva:

The Evening Pooja to Lord Datta starts at 7.30 pm and after the Aarti the Utsav Murti of Lord Datta will be kept in the Pallakhi (Palanquin) after which the Pallakhi Seva starts (around 8.15pm).After the 3 rounds (With Bhajans) around the Temple the Utsav Murti is taken inside. The Day Schedule completes with the Shejarti (Last Aarti) during which Karuna Tripadi and other Stotras are Chanted by the Priests and residents. The Temple Closes at 9 pm.

Monday, March 17, 2014

How to Perform Ashta Teertha ( Bath at 8 Holy Teerthas) in Ganagapur ?

On the day of Deepavali, Shri Guru said to the disciple, 'We shall have bath at Trishali (3 Holy places i. e. Prayag, Kashi and Gaya ) with family and children.
The disciple said, 'For such a long journey, we require some time for preparations'. Shri Guru says 'These holy places are near about. So there is no need for special preparation.'
Shri Guru then takes everyone to Sangam and asks them to take bath in
(1) Shatakula Teerth ( Bhima-Amarja Sangam) and says that it is like Triveni Sangam of Prayaga.He says how the River Amarja was emerged from the Nectar that fell down from Indras Hands and hence Bath in this River Prevents Diseases and Untimely Death.

Shri Guru then takes them to the Following Teerthas in the Way to Ganagapur.

(2) Nrusimha Teerth : The Bath in this Teerth and then worshipping Sangameshwara is like Worshipping Shrishailya Mallikarjuna and this fulfills ones Wishes. This Teerth is in front of the Sangam Mandir.

(3) Bhagirathi (Varanasi) Teerth : The Bath in this Teerth is as Holy as Bath in Manikarnika Kund at Kashi. It is because once a Shiva Bhakta Brahmin of Bharadwaj Gotra Pleased Lord Shiva with his Devotion and when Lord Shiva appeared he asked that he want to take bath in Manikarnika daily and have Darshan of the Lord.Lord Shiva granted and a Kund was emerged there and it joined the Bhima River here.

(4) Papavinashini Teerth : As the name indicates, Bath in this Teerth Destroys all the Sins. Shri Guru at this Teerth called his Sister Ratnai and Said, 'You had killed a Cat with
a Stick and therefore you are having Leprosy. You bathe in this Tirth daily and your disease will disappear.' As advised, she bathed here for three days and her disease was wiped off.

(5) Koti Teerth : A Bath in this Teerth is like taking bath in all the Teerth of Jambu Dweepa. One should bathe here on Sankranthi, Grahan, Purnima and Amavasya and give a cow with a calf in Charity. A Charity done here is equal to a Crore Charity.

(6) Rudrapada Teerth : A Bath in this River is equivalent to a Bath in Gaya and  Shraddha etc must be Performed here.

(7) Chakra Teerth : A Dip in this Teerth is Even More Holy than the Bath in Dwaraka.

(8) Manmatha Teerth : This Teerth is in front of the Kalleshwara Mandir. The Bath in this Teerth and then worshipping Kalleshwara is like taking bath in Gokarna Teerth and worshipping Mahabaleshwara.

Devotees coming to Ganagapur do the Ashta Teerth Snan at Large Number. The Bath in Ashta Teertha's on Naraka Chathurdashi (in Diwali) day is very powerful. Even the sins and doshas will be removed by having bath in these Ashta Teerthas.

Lodging / Dharmashala or other Accommodation at Sri Kshetra Ganagapur

Shree Kshetra Ganagapur now have many accommodation facilities. One may opt for any of the Dharmashalas near the Temple within minimum charges or Good Lodges with A/c or Non A/c Rooms.
Normally we can arrange for you good accommodation if informed a day before your visit but if you are to visit Ganagapur on a Thursday/ Sunday or during Pournima(Hunvi) or any festivals make sure that you inform us well in advance so that we can reserve for you.Do contact me for any guidance regarding your Visit , accommodation or Pujas (sevas) to be performed at Dattatreya Temple @ 9035479569 / 9035352133.

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Railways / Trains to Sri Kshetra Ganagapur from Mumbai / Pune / Hyderabad / Bangalore

Please Visit the Site for the Updated Information regarding the Trains to / from Ganagapur  and enter your Source Station (eg Mumbai/pune etc) and Destination as Ganagapur Road (GUR).

Ganagapur Road (Station Ganagapur) is the nearest railway station for Sri Kshetra Ganagapur which is at a distance of around 22 kms from Ganagapur and there are frequent buses and also autos moving between the Station and Temple Ganagapur.
For details regarding Accomodation (Lodging), Food and Worship (sevas) at Ganagapur please contact @ 9035479569 / 9035352133

Shri gurudeva Datt !

How to Reach / Visit Sri Kshetra Ganagapur ?

Guide to reach Shri kshetra Ganagapur

Ganagapur Datta Temple is situated at 12 kms from 'Ganagapur Road' (Railway Station Name) in Karnataka

  • Nearest City is Gulbarga at 35 kms (approx)

  • Gangapur to Sholapur (Solapur) distance is around 95 kms (approx)

  • Hyderabad to Ganagapur is 250 kms (approx)

  • Mumbai to Ganagapur railway distance is 526 kms (approx) and Train fare around Rs. 240.

  • Mumbai to 'Ganagapur Road' direct and most convenient Train is 1013 Dn L.T.T. Kurla Terminus - Coimbatore Express, which departs from Kurla Terminus at 10.10 PM & departs from Kalyan 11.15 in the night. It reaches Ganagapur at 8.08 AM on the next day morning. 

    Hyderabad to 'Ganagapur Road' by car via Humnabad, kamlapur, bidar, Gulbarga.
    Hyderabad to 'Ganagapur Road' by Bus Take bus to gulbarga 

    There are many trains to Gulbarga. One can reach Gulbarga and take a bus to Ganagapur. Buses are quite frequent 

    It takes around 2-3 hours maximum to perform Pooja / Abhishek at Ganagapur by a family. We are the Main Priest / Archaka (Pujari) at Ganagapur and can arrange for accommodation, food and stay for your Visit. Contact @ 9035479569 / 9035352133

    Poojas (Archane) / Sevas to be Performed at Sri Datta Kshetra Ganagapur

    Below is the List of Sevas / Poojas that one can Perform at Shree Kshetra Ganagapur :

    • Panchopachar / Alankara and Maha Pooja to the Nirgun Padukas of Shri Narasimha Saraswati Dattatreya Maharaj.
    • Keshar Lepan Puja to Nirguna Padukas of Shri Datta Guru : In this Seva devotees will get the Kesara Lepan (Saffron Paste) applied to Swamis Padukas as the Prasadam after Pooja. This Kesara Prasad is the Main Prasad of Shri Kshetra Ganagapur.
    • Rudrabhisheka to the Shivalingam in the Temple Premises / Abhisheka hall.
    • Shree Gurucharitra Parayan for Spiritual and Material Well Being of the Devotees. This Seva Can be done for 1week, 2weeks 7weeks.. etc
    • Madhukari Seva : Offering Alms (Bhiksha) to the People as it is still believed that Datta Maharaj himself accepts Bhiksha at Gangapur in the Afternoon Time.
    • Nandadeep seva (for Deepa's in the Garbha Gruha) for the Material and Spiritual well being. This Seva can be done for specified period of time like 1week, 2weeks, a month etc...
    • Pallaki Seva (Palanquin of Lord Datta) : This Seva is done in the evening from 7.30-8.30pm and the devotees can have the Darshan of the Utsav Murti of Lord Datta and participate in the Pallakhi Seva.
    • Sarva Seva (Includes all the Sevas from Morning to Night)
    • Other Sevas like Naivedya to Lord Datta, Datta Homam, Laghu Rudra etc Can be done. For More details about the Concerned Seva please Contact at 9035479569